Step 1 of 3 - Enter Your File Extention

Enter or confirm your file extension. Then click the "Open>>" button to get instructions for how to open .TDMB file

File Extension and Your Computer

When your PC encounters an unknown file type, the first thing it does is to check its file extension, which is the suffix at the end of the file name of that file. For instance "DOCX" is the file extension for a file named "MyEssay.docx". If no application is registered to open that file extension, then Windows requires external help to locate a file viewer or editor for this new file extension.

How Do We Find a File Viewer

We maintain a comprehensive file extension database for over 6,000 file extensions that are linked to over 11,000 different file types. This database contains detailed information for almost all of the common file extensions. Follow the steps indicated above to search for a file viewer for your file extension or simply click one of the file categories listed in the right panel to browse all file extensions.